Conceived in Hampshire, launched in Dorset and streamlined in London, I am a writer currently residing in a quiet corner of Surrey. Professionally wrangling the written word (and using shameless alliteration) for over 15 years, my earliest success saw me win a school creative writing contest at the age of 10. My reward was the prestigious ‘Solomon Eagle’ trophy, which took pride of place on top of the living room TV. Emboldened by high praise from my father years later – “didn’t one of the kids win an owl at school?” ­– I was accepted to the ‘Scriptwriting for Film & TV’ degree course at Bournemouth University and never looked back (aside from wondering why I’ve never written anything for film or TV…)

Short form version: I’m a trained writer and I won an owl.



My father also believed that, despite my degree choice, I would end up “doing something with journalism and computers”. So, in my twenties, I set out to prove him wrong with spells as a staff writer on various PC and Mac magazines, working my way up to editor of iCreate, the creative magazine for Mac users. During this time I watched Steve Jobs announce the first iPhone in San Francisco, reviewed more smartphone apps than I can count and wrote features and guides for Mac Format, Macworld and MacUser magazine. I also wrote a series of consumer tech books, picking up Barnes & Noble shortlisting and prominent placement in Urban Outfitters in the process. 

Short form version: I write longer content and hipsters like my books.


Freelance copywriting followed, as I stumbled out of journalism and back into the arms of technology writing, this time for agencies both local and global. Here I cut my teeth on marketing videos (finally putting that university learning to work), web copy, social media, brochures, banner ads and more before taking a role at Article Ten in London. A frenetic and exhausting four years followed, brief-crushing my way up the ranks from Copywriter to Head of Content, where I developed the company’s editorial offering and recruited a crack team of creatives. It was also while at Article Ten that I established a solid content creation relationship with Microsoft and its partners, much to the amusement of colleagues on the Apple side of the market. I am now, as they say, ‘platform agnostic’.

Short form version: I held a senior marketing role, use a Mac and am going grey.


Agency life introduced me to some of the biggest brands of my career (my Dad tells people I work for Microsoft), across multiple sectors and many different platforms. I’ve written online recipes for olive lovers, emails for financial institutions, social posts for global distillers, blogs for major manufacturers, ads for automotive firms, eLearning courses for retail powerhouses and promotional videos for technology giants. I’ve also helped launch emerging brands, created tone of voice guidelines for new businesses and produced marketing materials for those in search of funding.

Short form version: I’m platform savvy and work with almost anyone.


Sitting in a comfortable technology copywriting niche with regular forays into food, finance and retail, I write for a handful of regular clients and largely rely on word of mouth and client recommendations for new business. Pencilled into my to-do list under the heading ‘someday’ are a new book, a food/tech blog and a play. However, the fate of these projects will be pretty much determined by my workload. So, if you can’t bear to read another post about trendy kitchen kit or hear a former tech journalist spout on about Shakespeare, I advise you to hire me to do some copywriting ASAP.