Is this ‘thing’ a bad idea?

I’m already working on another blog which has taken me months to put together. Now, before that one goes live, I’m writing the first words of another. Couple this with the fact that I’m terrible at blogging (unless people are paying me to do it) and you’re staring down the barrel of a terrible mistake.

So, why am I putting myself through this?

The truth is, I think I need an outlet for the weird and wonderful ‘things’ that pop into my head.
Things that inspire and excite me.
Things my wife has no interest in talking about.
Things I simply need to put on the page.
Things I’d talk to my friends about if I had any.
Things like this post.

You see, clients don’t tend to like it when I pour my own peculiar brand of wit, angst or irritation all over the fresh copy they paid for. What they want is a writer on top of their game. Free from distractions, warmed up, stretched and ready to break records. In that sense, I see this blog as some kind of psychological protein shake. At the very least it’s a hefty shot of espresso.

While most experts on the topic see it as essential to find your blog’s ‘niche’, I don’t have time for all that. The simple goal here is to purge my mind with a quick blast of unplanned, semi-conscious drivel to get the juices flowing. For that reason, this might not be the place to find examples of my best writing. However, there’s a chance I’ll share some of my work as part of one of these brain dumps, so you might spot the odd gem if you’re lucky.

So there we go. I’ve got all of this out of my system now.

Time to do some proper writing...

Ben Harvell