Who’s hungry? Did I mention I’m launching a food blog?!


For those of you who know me in a business capacity, you might not be aware of my love of all things edible. Yet, when I’m not writing about cloud technology or producing comms for big corporates, the chances are I’m probably cooking or eating. Take a look at the food page on my site if you want pictorial evidence or to see the handful of food brands I’ve written for.

Recently, however, my gastronomic passion has become unhealthy and not just through dangerous levels of saturated fat. I spend way too much money eating out, love cooking for friends and family, have the harshest in-house food critic in my darling wife and shamelessly stalk chefs on social media in my spare time. Now, the obsession has become so acute that I need a new outlet. 

So, after snapping photos of my culinary creations on Instagram for the past couple of years, I thought I’d turn my social dabbling into a heartier side project. 


The result is Meat Eat Repeat

At the moment, the site is sitting in a holding pattern while I complete a few big projects, but it’ll soon be out of the oven and ready to feed the world. If this sounds to your taste, there’s a sign-up form on the site so you can be notified when it launches, but I’ll be shouting about it here too, of course. 

The main goal of Meat Eat Repeat will be to share restaurant reviews, but there’ll also be a good number of recipe tips and features appearing over time too. I’ll also be looking for inspiration, so if you’re a food-related brand or simply an interested consumer, do drop me a line.

So, just a little amuse-bouche for now, but save your appetite for the main course. It’ll be served up very soon.

Ben Harvell