Ben Harvell is a...



Ben Harvell is a…



As a Copywriter and Head of Content I have delivered creative copy, in-depth editorial and full-blown integrated marketing campaigns for some of the world’s biggest brands. I’ve helped kick-start the start-ups seeking to emulate them too.


Ben is an amazing talent. His writing is consistently clear and engaging, and requires very little editing. He’s full of great ideas, and an excellent communicator.
— Ray Aguilera


So, what exactly do I do?

From web banners to brochures, emails to explainer videos, posters, PowerPoint, social and beyond, I get under the skin of my clients in a good way!

Quickly learning to speak your language, I produce content that pricks up the ears and sends tingles down the spines of those in your target audience. Whether you want words to resonate with consumer demographics, copy to intrigue investors or simply don’t have time to write what’s rattling around that brilliant skull of yours, I provide the creativity and storytelling to bring your brand to life.

Silicon chips. Blue chips. Potato chips.

For much of my life I’ve been guided by two passions: technology and food. While the former dominates much of my writing, the latter transcends my personal and professional endeavours (not to mention my waistline), and I’m never happier when the two combine. Over the past decade I’ve nailed briefs and generated results for an eclectic mix of clients, covering a heady blend of topics that should never be digested in a single sitting.

I big up beauty products, explain engine oil, clarify collaboration tools, break down BBQ food, create clamour around cloud services, verbalise vodka and champion chicken. Mouthwatering stuff, huh? Now, what can I do for you?



Want to watch a movie?

I regularly write scripts for explainer videos, animations and live shoots. One of them was even shown ahead of a Satya Nadella keynote. If you’ve got time to kill, check out a handful of examples on my showreel page…



Ben Harvell is a…



Techsplanation noun. tɛkspləˈneɪʃ(ə)n/

Engaging, human copywriting that makes complex technology topics easy to understand.  

Usage:Making sense of data, AI and the cloud requires high-quality techsplanation”

Early 21st century, from the abbreviation tech and Late Middle English: from Latin explanatio(n-), from the verb explanare.


Ben provides great ideas, sparkling copy and always hits his deadlines.
— Graham Barlow, Group Editor in Chief, Tech, Future plc


From MS-DOS to iOS, IoT and AI

It started with misspent school holidays pulling apart vintage PCs in an effort to “upgrade” them. The painful results (both physical and digital) helped me realise I’d never make it as an engineer. So, I took to writing about tech instead.

From working as a writer and editor on consumer technology magazines (remember the ones with CDs on the cover?) to authoring internationally-published books about iPhones and iPads, technology has never been far from my work. Whether talking to business decision makers or technophobic consumers, I make sense of often complex products and solutions. Covering topics including IoT and smart home devices, business apps and cloud infrastructure, I help to explain tech in an engaging and jargon-free way.

Today, I work closely with Microsoft as part of its Voice of the Customer programme as well as producing thought leadership content and in-depth editorial for a range of Microsoft partners. I have also delivered web copy, social content and print collateral for global cloud solution providers and other notable tech players, including Sony, Siemens and Philips.



Fancy some phishing?

A somewhat dry topic for most, a lot of my tech work involves finding creative ways to promote information security best practice to employees at large corporations. Across eLearning courses, videos and eBooks, I bring topics including phishing, password security and data privacy to life. Click here for a taste of my ‘infosec’ writing.



Ben Harvell is a…


Book Author

My career to date has seen me write a number of internationally-published consumer technology books covering digital creativity, operating systems and social media (one of them even featured Avril Lavigne’s guitarist, so you know it must be good). Right now, I’m pitching a new title that combines my love of tech and food.


Books Written

Make Music with your iPad - John Wiley & Sons

iConnected - John Wiley & Sons

Teach Yourself Visually: Facebook - John Wiley & Sons

Teach Yourself Visually: OS X Mavericks - John Wiley & Sons

Making Movies with your iPhone - The Ilex Press

The iPad for Photographers - The Ilex Press

Books loved by mobile creatives
(and hipsters)

During my first stint as a freelancer I was approached by The Ilex Press and John Wiley and Sons to write a series of consumer tech books. While they’re a little long in the tooth these days (but you can still find them), one managed to find prominent placement in Urban Outfitters stores while another was shortlisted by Barnes and Noble as part of a summer reading promotion. Taking advantage of my tech journalism background, I have also produced brochures, eBooks and gated editorial content for technology firms covering cloud security, productivity solutions and digital transformation.



New book coming soon…

My latest book project is at the pitching stage and will be a delicious mash-up of food and technology for the hungry smartphone user.
Want to publish it? Drop me a line. Want to read it? Watch this space!



Ben Harvell is a…



Send me a brief using the button below and I’ll get back to you in a flash. Or, if you’re not a fan of forms, you can ask me anything you like via email.

(In the interest of saving time, my favourite colour is blue, my favourite wine is red and no, I don’t charge by the word).